About Woodward Labs

Scientifically Based

Company History and Profile

Woodward Laboratories was founded in 1992 in the home of Dr. Kenneth Gerenraich, DPM with his initial formulation designed to treat toe and fingernail fungus. He was soon joined by Dr. Daniel Chodosh, a scientist and pioneer in transdermal delivery systems and together they further refined their discovery. The company gained immediate success and professional endorsement with its initial product, Mycocide NS. Today, Mycocide NS is a top category seller in the footcare section of independent pharmacies and drug and retail chains nationwide.

Recognized as the world’s foremost manipulator of quaternary amines, Woodward Laboratories is the first company to research, develop, manufacture, and market over-the-counter (OTC), topically applied antimicrobial products which kill fungi, bacteria, and viruses and are non-damaging to the skin and nails. By focusing on this core competency, the company has grown and established its world headquarters in Orange County, CA, an area rich in pharmaceutical, medical, and other life science industries. Today, the company’s many products serve the consumer, beauty medical, veterinary, and institutional market places with antimicrobial products designed to provide a healthier way of living. The company’s most recent innovation includes a patented capacitive sensor whose many applications are emerging as a key driver for future growth and diversification; and will provide a strong opportunity for leveraging existing product lines.

Scientifically Based

The core technology which resonates throughout the company’s topical products is the patented SAB (Surfactant, Allantoin, Benzalkonium Chloride) delivery system. This proprietary chemistry distinguishes Woodward’s products from competitive products because it enables significant “microbe killing power” while remaining gentle to the skin and nails. Woodward Laboratories’ products are developed within its state-of-the-art research and development laboratory, and supported by a robust intellectual property portfolio including thirteen patents issued, fourteen patents pending, and several in development.

All of the company’s topical, over-the-counter products have been clinically tested and reviewed with results published in several peer reviewed medical journals. Some of the publications include: The Association of PeriOperative Nurses (AORN) Journal; The Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association (JAPMA); Family Medicine; Infection Control Today; Dairy, Food and Environmental Sanitation; The Journal of School Nursing; Clinical Research and Methods; and the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC). Please see the “Clinical Studies” section of our website for a complete listing of all of Woodward Laboratories’ publications.

Looking to the future

Looking to the Future

Funded in 1998, and formally established in 2003, Woodward Laboratories’ Sensor Division was created to develop a sensor technology that solved the problems and shortcomings associated with infrared sensors common in many “Touch-Free” hygiene related devices, i.e. soap and sanitizer dispensers, faucets, etc. The result has been the development of a patented capacitive sensor technology whose initial application has been within Woodward’s patented PerfectPump Touch-Free Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser. Woodward’s PerfectPump Touch-Free Dispenser is at the heart of Woodward’s latest innovation called iHygiene. iHygiene is an intelligent Hygiene Management System capable of wirelessly monitoring compliance with corporate hand washing or hand hygiene policy.

Woodward Laboratories has developed, and continues to develop many products that earn recognition for quality and efficacy. Because of this, Woodward’s products enjoy broad retail appeal and are known for leadership within their respective retail categories. By linking superior antimicrobial products with new technologies, Woodward Laboratories continues to innovate new ways of providing a healthier way of living.